Six Tips for Parents' Weekend

(1) Clean your apartment. Your parents/guardians may assume that your place is not going to be the cleanest, but at least make it presentable for them! (2) Be kind and patient with your parents - they want to learn about what life is like for you at college, and you should do your best to be open and honest about your experience, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. (3) Thank your parents and family for all they do for you. Boston College is not cheap, and there likely have been many sacrifices made by your parents and family to make college possible for you. (4) Attend as many events around campus as you can, maybe even go explore the city of Boston with them while they are in town. (5) If you parents are unable to make it to family weekend, call home and tell your them about your life, and thank them for their support. (6) Enjoy this time with your parents, families, or whoever it is that has supported you and helped you get to where you are.

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