Submit Your Local (Off-Campus) Address

Submit Your Local (Off-Campus) Address: All students not scheduled to live on-campus or study abroad are required to log into their Agora Portal and follow the prompts to submit their local off-campus address. We ask you to complete this requirement right away. Failure to submit your local (off-campus) address could result in a hold being placed on your student account and hinder the University’s ability to locate you or your roommates in the case of an emergency.
  • Go to, choose the “My Services” tab 
  • Choose “Addresses/Phone Numbers/Emergency Contact” from the “Account and Personal Info” column. 
  • Click on “update/confirm” link 
  • Update the “Local Address & Phone Information” field. If you are commuting from home, please re-enter your home address in the local address field 
  • Submit address update confirmation
Deadline For Submission: Students are required to submit their local (off-campus) address by Friday, August 28. Please submit that address right away! If you don't update your address a hold will be placed on your account and prevent you from most student actions, such as add/drop, course registration, or participating in the housing selection process. If a hold is place on your account, it will remain there until your local address is updated in Agora and email to request that the hold on your account removed. It is not something that you or I want to spend time on!

Questions or Comments: If you have questions, please email the Office of Residential Life for Off-Campus Housing at Thank you!

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