Parent Letter: Off-Campus Student Life

Off-Campus Student Life Information

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are sending this letter to all parents/guardians of rising juniors at Boston College who may have a student moving into the off-campus community. Please know that the Office of Residential Life for Off-Campus Housing, the Dean of Students Office, and the Office of Governmental and Community Affairs are here to assist students with their off-campus housing and living experience. This letter will provide important information for parents and students as they prepare to move into the off-campus community.

Mandatory Off-Campus Student Meeting: Tuesday, September 1 at 6:00 p.m. in the Robsham Theater

The Office of the Dean of Students in conjunction with Residential Life for Off-Campus Housing, Governmental and Community Affairs, and the BC and Boston Police Departments are hosting a welcome meeting covering topics related to safety, policy, and neighborhood living. At least one tenant from each apartment unit is required to attend.

Local (Off-Campus) Address Requirement: Please submit right away, deadline is Friday, August 28

Boston College requires that all undergraduate students living off-campus submit their local (off-campus) address to the University. Students can complete this requirement by visiting the Agora Portal and updating their local address under the "Account/Personal Info" column. Failure to submit an accurate off-campus address may result in a hold being placed on their student account and hinder the University’s ability to find students in the case of an emergency. Please encourage your student to submit their local address right away!  

Important Dates Reminder: Classes begin on Monday, August 31

Fall 2015 classes begin on Monday, August 31. The date leases historically start in this area is September 1. If students have an early move-in date, we recommend that they check their lease and/or call their landlord or property manager to confirm. If students have a move-in date on or after September 1, we highly recommend they make temporary housing arrangements or negotiate an earlier move-in with their landlord/property manager. Temporary on-campus housing will not be available.

Off-Campus Living Resources

The Office of Residential Life for Off-Campus Housing provides many resources for students living off-campus, such as sublet assistance, social and service events, information sharing, and general advising. We also maintain a comprehensive resource page, apartment and sublet database, and roommate finder service. The City of Boston also has many resources for the college student population. Please encourage your student to take advantage of all the services our office and the city have to offer. For more detailed information, please visit or

City of Boston Zoning Ordinance

Please be mindful that the City of Boston has a zoning ordinance that prohibits five or more unrelated full-time undergraduate students from living together in a house or apartment. If the Boston Inspectional Services Department (ISD) visits your student’s apartment, please encourage your student to comply with any inspection requests. Students will not be penalized for violations of the ordinance, only landlords. Furthermore, landlords cannot evict or otherwise remove student tenants from the apartment to comply with the ordinance. For more information about the Boston zoning ordinance, please visit the City of Boston Inspectional Services website at

Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Residential Life by emailing with questions.  If you have specific questions about off-campus housing or student life, please feel free to call Off-Campus Housing at 617-552-3075, email or visit For questions pertaining to housing appeals, please contact For questions about off-campus community standards or the conduct process, please contact the Dean of Students Office at


Peter Kwiatek
Assistant Director, Off-Campus Housing
Office of Residential Life

Kristen O’Driscoll
Assistant Dean of Students
Office of the Dean of Students

Greg Jones
Director, Housing Operations
Office of Residential Life

Bill Mills
Director, Community Affairs
Office of Governmental & Community Affairs

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