Be a Great Neighbor!

As you get settled into your apartment, keep in mind that you are no longer in a residence hall, and the people living around you are not necessarily your age and likely keep a much different schedule. Here are some tips to establish a positive relationship or improve your current relationship with neighbors:

  • Introduce yourself to the neighbors
  • Pick up trash from around your apartment, even if it was not left by you or your roommates
  • Keep voices and music low. Periodically go outside and monitor how loud it is. You may want a people over, but your neighbors may want a quiet evening at home
  • If alcohol is present, make sure everyone is 21 or older. Serve food and make non-alcoholic drinks available. If people under 21 are present and drinking, you may be held responsible
  • Monitor who and how many people are in or around your apartment at all times
  • Know who you are letting into your apartment. Have someone monitoring the door at all times
  • When traveling, keep on the sidewalk, avoid walking in large groups, keep voices at a minimum, and do not carry alcohol
  • Participate in community service activities, such as the BC Breakfast Club!

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