Who Do I Email?

The Office of Residential Life has many moving parts throughout the year and sometimes it is hard to know exactly who to email for answers to your specific questions.  Below you will find the top five most common and helpful email addresses with descriptions about which account to email based on your specific needs.

offcampus@bc.edu: For questions about finding an off-campus apartment or about issues that may arise while living off-campus, please direct your emails to offcampus@bc.edu. This email account can be used to find answers for specific questions about finding an off-campus apartment, searching for off-campus roommates, subletting, security deposits, landlord issues, rental agents and/or broker recommendations or general tips about living off-campus.

placement@bc.eduStudents with questions regarding room changes, housing appeals, or any questions relating to their housing assignment  can email placement@bc.edu. Students are also encouraged to visit with their Resident Director to discuss any conflicts or questions pertaining to their room assignment.

transitions@bc.eduEver wonder how over 7,400 students manage to move in and out of the residence halls so many times a year? Well, to be honest, it's not easy, and there are a lot of moving parts! Students and guests occupy our residence halls 12 months a year, requiring many room changes along the way. Please direct any questions about transitional housing to transitions@bc.edu.

summer@bc.edu: Student employees, summer session students, camps, conferences, and orientation students occupy the the residence halls over the summer months.  For questions about summer housing, please direct your emails to summer@bc.edu.

reslife@bc.edu: For general questions about housing at Boston College, feel free to send an email to the main Residential Life account. If your questions pertains to something more specific, it will likely be forwarded to that office and your response will likely come from someone (or office) other than the main Residential Life account. 

Please note that due to the high volume of emails, it may take some time before you receive a response to your inquiry. Students, parents, and guests are encouraged to search our website, bc.edu/reslife to find the answers to your questions before sending an email.  If something is time sensitive, your best bet may be to call the office to have your question answered. 

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